MindMap discontinued?


it seems as if fred discontinued the support for the app: GitHub - fedwiiix/mindMap: This mindMap application allows to visually organize your information
The server is down https://sjtm.fr/mindmap_app.tar.gz too.

As the app is quite useful and we have some users that can’t access the files after the update to NC 20 we’d like to offer some financial incentive to get a version running with NC 20. Would be great if someone would be willing to continue the work with this app.


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Yeah, it is alwys risky to rely on Nextcloud apps. They come and go. I am using this Mindmap app, it is still working fine https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_mindmap

Yeah, lesson learned. )

The “App-Store” in Nextcloud itself still lists “Mindmaps” although the link is dead https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/mindmaps

Where did you get this link from? When you search, you get these two hits All apps - App Store - Nextcloud

From the search in the Apps “manager” within our Nextcloud.
Can’t find it anymore though, might have been listed as we once had it installed.

Is there any way to continue working with the mindmaps created with this app?
With other software I mean?

This other mindmaps app is still getting development as of 22. Someone should test if it supports mindmap formats from app OP mentions.


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