Mind Map 0.0.30 no longer starts - new documents cannot be created

PHP: 8.2.17
NC 28.0.4

Hello forum members
I have the following question/problem:

After updating to NC 28.0.4 it is no longer possible to start the “Mind Map 0.0.30” app.
Mind maps no longer appear in the “New” menu! Before, there was always the option to create a mind map document.

Is there a way to fix this again?

Sir Boerky


Have the same issue on NC29.0.RC3 and PHP 8.1.11
Mindmaps cannot be opened anymore. A click on a .mind or .km file now downloads the file, instead of opening it in the Mindmap app. In addition, as mentioned previously, the option to create a new mindmap has been removed.