Migration von Googel Drive

Is there a “best practice” for migrationg from Google Drive? For Photos and for Documentes?

Documents seems easy → Copy them to NC— > done.

But thet hing with the Photos is a bit more complicated, I think.

The best way I think is to do a “Google Take Out” and copy the files directly into my own nextcloud photo folder on files system level. And afterwards I initiate a scan.
What do you think about that idea?

I mentioned, that deleting a picture in nextcloud, which has auomatically been upload from my smartphone cam, is not deleted on my smartphone, when I delete it in the NC??
What is implemented there? A sync or only an upload?

My first migration went wrong and I have to restart from scratch. Can I delete the files within filemanager and do a scan for NC or is it better to delete them inside NC.


You can delete the files direct on the linux server and then use
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

The command updates the Nextcloud database so that Nextcloud knows which files exists. You can also copy the files there and perform the scan.