Migration via Plesk, nextcloud not working


I have private server and i installed for private use nextcloud, was working perfectly but i buy new server and i need to clean old one so i transfer all files from one side to another via Plesk migrator.
Now i have problem nextcloud is not working, when i accessing to the page i opening just default page. I have all files all in backup. can you please some one if have the same problem to tell me a solution?

Best regards

A possible solution would be, to follow the issue template, provide as much information as possible by filling in the requested information, provide web server and Nextcloud log files etc., etc.
The issue template hasn’t been designed to annoy users, but to collect relevant information to answer questions. If you ignoring that and if you’re not providing this information, it most likely won’t be possible to answer your question.

Hi J-ed

Thank you for the information, yes my biggest problem is i don’t read log files, i will check and i will post again if i need a support.

Sorry again.

Kind regards.