Migration to a new NC

Hi -

I have an existing NextCloud with some hundreds of users and over 1 TB of data (stored on a regular filesystem).

I wish to migrate the data to a new NextCloud which will rely on an objects storage (S3-like).

I’d like your opinion regarding the feasibility of this operation.

Any recommandations would be greatly welcome! Thanks in anticipation and best regards.


The official support has probably more experience with larger setups and the expertise to help for such migrations. Do you want to migrate it and use it as drop-in replacement (so keep all the settings like shares, app data, …) not only the data?

If it is only the data and people can resync without problems, you can just set up a new NC with object storage.

If you want to replace it, I don’t know of an official way. If you look a bit in the code and the database structure, it could be that you can manually change the storage ids (for each user) to external storage. But you also need to copy the data and there might be other locations to be considered as well. I’d recommend to try it on a small test setup. I don’t know the details, perhaps it isn’t that hard or it is very hard.

If you manage to do that, it would be great to build an app for that. This way, these options become official, so it is tested and verified by others as well.