Migration problem owncloud 10 to nextcloud 12 : Extracting Cant handle ZIP file. Error code is: 5

Hi all,

I’m forking this from my response in Updating NC 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 fails at Extracting (zip error code 5)
since i had a more specific question pertaining to that thread located there. This topic more accurately reflects the specific issue that i am having.

I am experiencing a migration problem owncloud 10 to nextcloud 12 : Extracting Cant handle ZIP file. Error code is: 5

it keeps getting hung at what appears to be the 7th step in the migration process using the nextcloud migration instructions.

Cant handle ZIP file. Error code is: 5

I’m using a raspberry pi 3, raspian version 8 jessie. php 7.0 Nginx 1.6.2-5.

I really dont know how to proceed or what I can do to change other than blow away this entire pi and start over, and just skip the migration entirely and reinstall with nextcloud 10 directly. (trying to avoid that at the moment)

I’m Attempting to migrate from Owncloud 10 to Nextcloud 12 using the web updater…it’ll run but get hung at this zip error code 5 everytime. (following instructions for https://nextcloud.com/migration/) I have installed zip as well. I’ve googled the hell out of this one and have come up empty.

THANKS in advance for any insight on how to proceed.

if I read the url you supplied https://nextcloud.com/migration/

I read this on that page:
Note that ownCloud 10.0.1 can not yet be migrated to Nextcloud 12

have you noticed this and is this relevant to you.

If the webbased upgrade is not working for you maybe try the manual process

imho manual process is always a favor as it gives more insight. The steps are also in the url you supplied https://nextcloud.com/migration/

thanks for the reply Vincent,

I did read that, and mine was 10.0.0 , so if what you quoted holds true, then 10.0.1 cannot migrate, assuming that also means 10.0.0 cannot do so as well.

Does anyone have some decent manual cli instructions on how to properly migrate? I’ll follow the migration page in the meantime, If not, i am about to wipe everything and start a straight up nextcloud 12 install on a clean raspian image.

Thanks in advance.

Its very confusing to me. Im no expert but always like to figure things out logically.

It states below Upgrade path
ownCloud 10.0.- -> Nextcloud 12.0.0

But that would conflict with earlier found statements on the same page.

So if excluding all non possible upgrades the only one left which should work is upgrading owncloud 10.0.x ( x being irrelevant ) to nextcloud 12.0.1

Make sure that you have the correct nextcloud package 12.0.1. Check it with the md5 hash to be sure it is downloaded correctly.

Good luck and dont give up too soon. Every obstacle is a challange conquer it and it will give you satisfactions.

Ps. Before I postthis I looked up next cloud 12.0.1 and its eigther the latest zip or not yet available. I think the later. So you may need to wait for 12.0.1 or do a clean install of 12.0.0