Migration Owncloud 7.0.4 to Nextcloud

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I’v read numerous topics and threads on the web about how to migrate from owncloud 9 (or sometimes 8 ) to Nextcloud.
My problem is: to install Owncloud on my Raspbian, I used the package manager which bundles a 7.0.4 version of Owncloud.

Is there a procedure to migrate from that old version to a recent version of Nextcloud ?
If not, can someone give me advice about the way to achieve a migration of the data, configuration, passwords etc ? My priority (of course) is to loose no data or user configuration.

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You first need to upgrade to ownCloud 8.2 (or 9.0).

In order to do this you upgrade major version to major version:

  1. upgrade to 8.0.a
  2. upgrade to 8.1.b
  3. upgrade to 8.2.c

Where a, b and c are as high as possible.
After that you should be able to upgrade to Nextcloud 9

But remember. Make a backup of your data and database.


First of all, thank you for answering so fast.

OK for that solution, I’ll try it and keep you up about this.

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