Migration of NCbox from RPi2 to RPi3, login issues

Hi all,

for quite some time I had RPi3 sitting and waiting to replace my RPi2 in the Nextcloud Box (snap based). All worked like a charm (Thanks all! Great job) out of the box and following the guides.

Now, I have taking copies of the snap folders from the old (RPi2) install, also a copy of the microSD (using dd). The microSD is reflashed with the image for RPi3 (https://download.nextcloud.com/server/images/ubuntu-core-16-armhf-rpi3-installer-20170329.img).

So first issue related to the Snappy OS: How to deal with the Ubuntu SSO login? Do I need a new SSH-key to upload since the RPi-hardware is different?
SSH ubuntu@IP with ubuntu/ubuntu does not work. Or will it with a monitor and keyboard on the NCbox?

My plan would be to see if I can replace the folders inside the NC-snap with my backup.
Will that work?
Or should I rather import all the files again into the empty NC-snap install?

Thanks for any insight!

Why don‘t you just use the same SDcard? Take it out of RPi2 and put it in RPi3. Done.

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Hi, there are different images provided. So I assumed the hardware change requires OS change. Might be this is on the Ubuntu snappy side of things. The snap for Nextcloud would not care much on which RPi version it’s running. Thanks anyways!

Maybe I have proceeded a bit at least: I had generated new keys for upload to Ubuntu SSO (seemed like there were none present, despite I remember to have done it back when I set up the NCbox with RPi2).
So now I am able to ssh to my NCbox using the SSO username and key only (no password required).
Is this still all good?

Well, my intention to test if I can just write my RPi2 /var/snap/nextcloud/…common… directory to the new RPi3 failed due to a tar-error. My archive does not work :frowning: But I will most probably be able to get some files back. Would appreciate a tutorial to have a simple way to backup the data from within the snap, and maybe the db. Looks like plenty of hurdles for me in setting up rsync, cron etc. But this should in principle be fairly straight forward. Just thinking of the options to push the files away from the RPi (rsync/rsnapshot with autossh?).
Promise to self: Fix backup!