Migration of mass data to new Nextcloud Server

I have over 2TB of data to migrate to a new NextCloud 11 Sever with two external Local NTFS mounts.

I started the migration with the NextCloud Desktop App, but this is taking forever (sync time 2 months), so I had the idea to attach an external 2TB drive containing all the data to the server, mount such and copy and merge the data directly to the external local drives of NextCloud.

Past this I was to force nextcloud to rescan all the files using

cd /var/www/nextcloud
sudo -u www-data php console.php files:scan --all

Would you think that this would work?

Not really, your clients will redownload everything. The right way to go is to migrate your current setup to the new server, then upgrade to NC 11.

@tflidd I managed to do the migration to the new NextCloud Server using rsync. All it took was a mere 2 hours including the forced nextcloud scan. I posted a step-by-step tutorial here Tutorial: How to migrate mass data to a new NextCloud server

Hope it helps to expedite such a process for everyone.