Migration Manual

I like what you guys are doing with Nextcloud, however, when you have an installation of Onecloud and want to upgrade it, this site is very confusing. Has anyone written a simple, step-by-step guide on how to do this? There is a great deal of confusion over version numbers, and upgrade steps. There is a lot of old information on the website and I find it very confusing to know which set of instructions to follow. There are some YouTube walkthroughs, but they are also out of date.
I guess what I am asking is for a link to a procedure to change from Onecloud to Nextcloud that will not break my system.
I am fully aware that this is a new product and there is a lot to do, but it seems to me that migrating from Onecloud to Nextcloud would be a VERY common thing to do and a simple, easy to find procedure for doing this should be easy to find.
Any help appreciated and please keep up the good work.


Hi Tim,

Here are the steps I used. I’m assuming you have access to the occ command and have confirmed compatibility with any additional applications you are using. Applications will need to be re-installed after the upgrade.

1: Turn maintenance mode on.
Command: ./occ maintenance:mode --on

2: Backup the data folder, sql storage, and your config.php file.
3: Delete everything except the DATA folder.
4: Download the Nextcloud version closest to your ownCloud version. IE, 9x -> 9x. It is important that you do not skip versions. For example, jumping from ownCloud 9, to Nextcloud 10.
5: Extract Nextcloud into the place where ownCloud was.
6: Copy the backed up config.php file to config/config.php
7: Run ./occ upgrade
8: Turn maintenance mode off.
Command: ./occ maintenance:mode --off

After you have migrated to Nextcloud, follow the usual upgrade steps to reach the latest version. See https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/10/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.html

Thank you for the clear response. My only question is where can I find the earlier versions of the Nextcloud software? It seems to have disappeared from the download site.

Much appreciated!



You can now also find all current and old releases on: