Migration from owncloud to nextcloud isn't possible anymore?

A user of owncloud with the most recent version i tried to migrate to nextcloud.

This doesn’t work:
“This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.2.
You are currently running 7.2.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2.”

Yes, I run PHP 7.2

Nextcloud 12 in the most recent version does not support it.
But the upgrade-path ist to upgrade from owncloud 10 to nextcloud 12

Is there a door closed?

It seems to get more tricky. In the beginning both projects were quite similar, but recently the strategy for new versions become quite different.

Nextcloud pushes more major releases and new features can only be implemented in a new major release. The number of releases require a more frequent upgrade (major update) since only two major versions are supported (NC 12 will drop out of support shortly after the release of NC 14).

ownCloud reduced the number of major releases, the current oC 10 was released over a year ago. However, they try to make a long term support version (so the only current supported version is 10) but they tend to put some new features in.

Before, when both added new features only in major releases, it was easier to realize, you just verified it in the initial release of a version. Now you probably need to upgrade certain versions of oC 10 to NC 12, other is perhaps better to migrate to NC 13 or even NC 14.

The migrations scripts are reviewed from time to time but they don’t have a very high priority. Currently, the NC developers are working on the release of NC 14, once this is done they hopefully look into it again.

If you don’t want to wait, you can always start with a fresh setup but you will lose app data, sharing information and so on. You can keep the files on the server, but the sync clients have to sync everything again. You could try to cheat a bit and try to install NC 13, but I’m not sure if that works or have some downsides. If you can easily do snapshots and revert to a previous version, this could be an option. On larger setups or with app data, you surely want to do a lot of tests. For business users with large setups, I’d rely on the NC business support.

how large is your installation?

I would make a backup. move everything to a machine with owncloud 10 and php 7.1. migrate to nc12 and than 13. make a backup. and move back to the original machine.

php 7.1 would work? That i can try.
I think, on plesk, i can switch to another php version.

seems so.


I just did a migration from owncloud with php 7.2 on ubuntu 18.04 this weekend. It did take all weekend but I got it completely working.

Oh boy…
Step 0: backup your stuff, specifically, backup your database and your oc directory, the data is not touched during this process

Step 1: make a new VM with ubuntu 16.04. Trying to get php7.0 to work on 18.04 was a huge chunk of time, suffice it to say, you can’t.

Step 2: Copy your /var/www/owncloud (or wherever you put owncloud) to the VM. Your data directory is NOT important at all for any of this, so you don’t need to tar all that data up. Another note on the data directory, mine is a NFS mount point not in /var/www/owncloud, on the VM i had to recreate the path to my data directory and create a totally empty file called ‘.ocdata’. The command ‘touch /path/to/oc/data/.ocdata’ worked and got owncloud happy.

Step 3: Copy your database files to the new VM. For me using mysql this was the /var/lib/mysql/owncloud

Step 4: install apache and your database and set everything up like you normally would. nextcloud/owncloud use a lot of php modules so just keep trying to access the web page looking at the error logs until you install all those wonderful php modules.

Step 5: once you get your owncloud working again in your ubuntu 16.04 vm with php7.0 follow the migration instructions, put the index.php file in the updater directory and the upgrade from OC -> NC 12.0.12 will work.

Step 6: while still in the ubuntu 16.04 VM you need to log into your admin account and upgrade to nextcloud 13.* (whatever the stable build is). Now this build will be able to work with php7.2

Step 7: tar up your nextcloud directory and database directory and un-tar them where they go on your 18.04 server, overwrite all files (you did the backup right?)

Step 8: navigate to your installation, it should now work and be nextcloud 13, you can now upgrade to NC 14. (my upgrade to 14 failed through the webGUI, I just did it through CLI and it worked just fine)

Step 9: have a beer

Good luck