Migration from OwnCloud fails - Process stucks at Step 10 - Help!


I had a OwnCloud installation. I did the migration steps. Now I stuck in step 10.

I could not found any help in the web with description how to proceed (just: Delete everything, install green field, … )

I found

2017-07-10T00:47:19+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] Step 9 is in state “end”.
2017-07-10T00:47:19+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] POST request for step "10"
2017-07-10T00:47:19+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] startStep(“10”)
2017-07-10T00:47:19+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] moveNewVersionInPlace()
2017-07-10T00:47:19+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] storage location: xxxx/ htdocs/team/data/updater-oc8cys346qu5/downloads/nextcloud/
2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [error] POST request failed with other exception
2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [error] Exception: Exception
Message: Could not rmdir xxxx/htdocs/team/data/updater-oc8cys346qu5/downloads/nextcloud/3rdparty/sabre/dav
#0 xxxx/htdocs/team/updater/index.php(867): Updater->moveWithExclusions(‘xxxx/…’, Array)
#1 xxxx/htdocs/team/updater/index.php(1148): Updater->moveNewVersionInPlace()
#2 {main}

2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] rollbackChanges(“10”)
2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] unlink .step
2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2017-07-10T00:47:59+0200 tl3YpBQrC4 [info] end of rollbackChanges()
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] POST request for step "10"
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] startStep(“10”)
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] moveNewVersionInPlace()
2017-07-10T00:53:45+0200 uENoKQc0eN [info] storage location: xxxx/htdocs/team/data/updater-oc8cys346qu5/downloads/nextcloud/
2017-07-10T00:55:43+0200 BeVY0Snu7H [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T00:55:43+0200 BeVY0Snu7H [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T00:55:43+0200 BeVY0Snu7H [info] Step 10 is in state “start”.
2017-07-10T00:55:44+0200 aiwa5L2pdh [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T00:55:44+0200 aiwa5L2pdh [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T00:55:44+0200 aiwa5L2pdh [info] Step 10 is in state “start”.
2017-07-10T00:55:46+0200 cwz8AFumTW [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T00:55:46+0200 cwz8AFumTW [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T00:55:46+0200 cwz8AFumTW [info] Step 10 is in state “start”.
2017-07-10T01:16:27+0200 P3qO0ltnAv [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T01:16:27+0200 P3qO0ltnAv [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T01:16:27+0200 P3qO0ltnAv [info] Step 10 is in state “start”.
2017-07-10T10:47:15+0200 OnOeXX8BMR [info] request to updater
2017-07-10T10:47:15+0200 OnOeXX8BMR [info] currentStep()
2017-07-10T10:47:15+0200 OnOeXX8BMR [info] Step 10 is in state “start”.

System is hosted at Strato, they have a SunOS, no Linux.

Any help is welcome.

Found this: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2737
But did not understand, what exactly I could do to restart/proceed the process manually.


Before anything happens, make sure that you have a backup of the database, config/config.php and your data/-folder.
The topic you linked has a fix. You could try to make these changes yourself to the updater-files and run the updater app again: https://github.com/nextcloud/updater/pull/121/files