Migration from ownCloud desktop client to Nextcloud client

I’ve been running ownCloud since at least version 5.0, maybe earlier. I’ve gone through several upgrades over the years, and at some point around ownCloud 8 or 9 made the swap over to NextCloud on all of my own installations.

Here are my concerns and questions:

On a few of my desktop/laptop [Windows] machines, I’m still runing the ownCloud client, which works well I guess, but I want to switch those boxes over to Nextcloud.

  • If I install the windows Nextcloud client, what will happen to my owncloud directory?

  • Will it simply become my Nextcloud directory with a rename?

  • Will this begin a full sync of my entire Nextcloud repo to a brand new Nexcloud directory, and if so, will it leave a duplicate of everything on my boxes in the old ownCloud directory?

  • If I install the Nextcloud client, will the install process ‘see’ my ownCloud directory and simply use that when it replaces my ownCloud client?

  • What’s the best, most painless way to proceed?

The reason I ask, or even care, is that I am currently on a very limited bandwidth connection via a WiFi hotspot on my cellphone. I only get 10GB a month without having to pay for more blocks of bandwidth, and frankly, cannot perform an upgrade at this time if I’m going to experience several GBs of syncing over a 4G cellphone connection.

I’m okay if the ownCloud directory isn’t renamed (couldn’t care less actually), but I’m not okay with everything re-syncing to create a whole new local repo.

What I’m hoping for is simply a seamless update from my desktop ownCloud client to a brand new shiny Nextcloud client where a while sync of everything in my cloud isn’t duplicated resulting in going over my monthly traffic constraints over my cell service plan.