Migration from owncloud 10.13 on an ubuntu 20 server with Plesk


I am running owncloud for more than 10 years on my server (ubuntu 20 with PLESK).
All works well but OC does not support PHP 8 so I want to migrate to Nextcloud.
I have checked the documentation but it all refers to the occ console. I cant get this working on my server. when I am in a SSH console window in the folder that has the “occ” file it always says can’t find file or command.
Wiuthout having occ running I am afraid I cannot migrate to Nextcloud.
Is there an easier way for migration than using the occ console?

I am using a subdomaind (cloud.domaind.com) at the moment and the cut´rrent install is in the /cloud folder (rather than /owncloud). is it possible to keep the domain and folder structure?

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You have an interest of having the occ command running, these housekeeping commands can take a few resources and on the command line they are not limited like they are usually via web-interface.

that is usually the right way. When you are in the right folder, can you send us the output of ls -lisa, and how you try to run occ. You are logged in as root or as the user of the webspace?