Migration from one nextcloud server to another using only nextcloud "internal" features

I’m running a nextcloud instance by my own and would like to migrate to a hosted nextcloud solution (Hetzner storage share). On the new hosted platform, I can only login to frontend/backend, no ssh access.

I saw there is a user migration app, but seeing I got 20+ users and shared folders, migration would take many steps.

Is there a one step/few step migration path? Many thanks for every idea.

I’m afraid no. The user migration app is probably your best bet, if you don’t have direct access to the file system and the database on the new server.

Maybe you have a few more experienced users or users who only use Nextcloud in a rudimentary way for a few files. If that’s the case, I would tell them: You have until XX.XX.XXXX to download your data, after that it’s gone :wink:

thanks bb77!

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