Migration from OC10 to NC12

Dear forum users!

Currently I am in a migration from ownCloud 10 to NextCloud 12. I tried to use the migration (updater) tool to do this for me, but at step two, I got an error at the “Check for expected files” step:

Parsing response failed. <html><body><p>{&quot;proceed&quot;:false,&quot;response&quot;:[&quot;backend&quot;]}</p></body></html>

Because I think this is due to the fact that I use another folder instead of /data to store the files. That folder is named /backend and is a mount folder for an SMB share. That /backend folder is then linked to /data. What is the best thing to do next, change the mounting-point to /data and remove the /backend folder? Or is there another (simple) method to fix this issue?

Some additional info, the server is running Ubuntu 16.04LTS and was installed step-by-step from the installation guide from OwnCloud.

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Just changed the /backend folder to the default /data folder, but it still gets the error. Here’s a screenshot:

To fix this issue, I did a manual migration. This worked perfectly: