Migrating to new server - share links?

I have Nextcloud installed on my webhosting and now want to install NC on my Ubuntu Server. Now I want to know how it goes with the share links?

The domain will be the same and all files are stored externally and accessed via webdav, so don’t need to be copied to the new server.
How do I go about this?

I have shared multiple files and embedded into my website, so it would be much work to re-share all files with new links again…


The share links will remain the same as long as you move the existing data (files), filecache and configuration (database), and URL over. Follow the Migrating to new server chapter in the Admin Manual.


why don’t you just migrate by moving your Ubuntu instance to web hosting, currently the migration option is most likely to be done depending on your case

Thank you very much, that’s what I wanted to know.

As these are stored externally, that’s not a problem.

Do you mean just moving all installation files and the database to my ubuntu server? If it’s that easy I could do that.