Migrating to New Hardware and New NC Version - Import previous configs


Nextcloud Version 26.0.12
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6
PHP: 8.0.30
Database: MySQL 10.3.39
Web Server: Apache latest with Ubuntu 2.4.41

Goal: Clean install of Debian 12, PHP 8.2, Latest MySQL from Deb 12, and NC 28.x.

Question: I will install a new Deb 12 server with above software, but HOW do I import the configurations into new server and have it work properly? We have many links sent out and user configurations with AD and would like to retain all various settings.

Reason: Older System has been upgraded successfully many times over 3 years but need a new hardware now. Moving to new hardware with new software versions is goal.

You want to do more than just move config. Sounds like you want to do a migration. You’ll be exporting the database as well as your datadirectory (files) along with the config.php and some other assorted bits (like dealing with non default apps).

Fortunately there’s a chapter in the Admin Manual all about this topic:


Keep in mind that same rules apply as far as upgrades to when doing a migration like this: either like for like (same version then upgrade after migration) or only one major version bump (i.e. v27->v28).