Migrating to Hosted Environment Seamless?


my current (community) instance is 27.1.1 (" Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.1)") running on top of Debian 11.

Everything is really fine so far. I am just thinking to get a managed instance from a Nextcloud hosting provider and migrate my Nextcloud instance to a managed one.

My question is: Can the migration be seamless? Short downtimes are not an issue. Ideally no one will need to reconfigure it’s local client.

Is this possible? I guess only in case I am granted root access on the hosting server (which is unlikely). What would be the steps? I can imagine the following way:

  1. Get a Netcould instance from a provider
  2. rsync data files to new instance
  3. transfer database to new instance (users with passwords)
  4. Do a port forward to the new instance
  5. Change hostname/IP in DNS

Just my thoughts but I guess without root access it is not going to work, right?



It is possible, but you would definitely require ssh/ftp access to the new instance.

Essentially what you need to do is,

  1. Put both installations in maintenance mode.
  2. Export database from current installation
  3. Import database to new instance
  4. Transfer data folder
  5. Make sure file permissions are correct on the new data folder
  6. Redirect domain.
  7. Disable maintenance mode.

Hope that help!

It depends how many flexibility you get from your new provider. “managed” Nextcloud usually means you have no dedicated server anymore, no access to the OS and only get an account on an existing Nextcloud instance operated by the hoster. In turn this means new URL without any chance to reuse your old domain. While you can move your data user data with user migration app everything related to the existing DNS is lost e.g. file shares… check the docs for details

No, not unless you manage the server yourself, such as a VPS.

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