Migrating to a new server from 32 bit to 64 bit

I have a well functioning NextCloud 25.0.8 on an raspberry pie.
Though i have changed to 64 bit kernel, the user space remains 32 bit, and i am somewhat tired of the RPI - missing memory manager for PHP8.0 in the standard repos, imagick missing in the standard repos etcetcetcetcetcetc, and at some point 32 bit will end.
So i have read ( and most likely in a previously epoch long forgotten) migrated a server as described here :
But does this procedure also apply, if i come from a RPI Bullseye 32bit user space well updated, with NextCloud 25.0.8
and wants to go to a linux intel 64 bit linux (OpenSUSE in my case)
So i in short install a new nextcloud, on my Intel Linux machine, puts the old RPI in maintenance, moves data and config, tests, and move DNS?
Are the data compatible between 32 bit and 64 bit installations of NextCloud?
Thanks for your time.

without claiming the absolute truth the only area I could imagine differences is the back-end DB (and maybe encoding of config files). using dump transition with backup to a file and restore from the file I can’t imagine any issues… but like any other major change - have good backup of all settings and config files.
It sounds you are in a lucky position to build new system side-by-side. Use this advantage - test new system using hosts record and once you are confident it works complete the switch… and test again (very thorough using every function you can think of…) keep the old system running (access with another domain or again hosts record) until you are confident the new system is good enough.