Migrating SMB Permissions to Nextcloud Permissions?

Something i’m strugging to wrap my head around, maybe someone can clear this up for me, we have 4 file shares locally, lets call them share A, B, C, D, as we currently use SMB shares with permissions handled between SMB and Active Directory, we can very easily just grant/remove privileges to different directories for various AD users, groups, etc.

What we want to be able to do, is have users log into their nextcloud (via LDAP auth), and see share A, B, C, D, as folders in their cloud drives, and based on their existing SMB permissions from the SMB mounts we’re used to/continue to use, change how they are/aren’t allowed to work with files within those shares, so that the permissions and file structure on their nextcloud drive, exactly reflects what they see on the A/B/C/D shares, I want to be able to go into nextcloud, open folder A, create a folder called say… 12, click share, and be able to share that folder with mark, then when mark goes and logs into a computer and accesses the A drive locally as an SMB share, have him be able to open folder 12 just as I created in nextcloud.

What I guess I’m kind of asking is… does nextcloud honor SMB permissions for AD users/groups? or is it going to create its own layer of access control that’s incompatible with the existing SMB infrastructure?

Clarification is much appreciated; Thanks!