Migrating only files/data from OC to NC

I am building a new server with NC 12, and i just want to migrate my files/data from OC 8.2 to this new NC 12 server.

What is the best way to go about this?
Do I simply move all the files under owncloud/data/ directory to NC?


If you only need the data, the easiest way would be to just sync all the data to the new server from a client. The next best thing might be to do like you said and move all files into the user account(s) after you create them on the new server, then do occ files:scan --all.
Do you need to preserve any shares or links?

Thanks for response. There are many people who use the server and login via LDAP.
So syncing with one client is not possible.
So first I have to connect NC to LDAP directory then have those users login.
Then move all the files in data/ dir? Is this same between OC 8.2 and NC 11/12 ?


I think the directory structure is the same. You should be able to copy the entire data folder (excluding the .ocdata file), only keeping the user folders and files folders.
I don’t think you need to have the users log in first, as long as you set up LDAP to correctly map to the same folders as before.

Keep in mind none of this will preserve any shares or links the users had, so if you need that stuff, you might want to take a different approach.

Also comments and tags will be lost, just to keep in mind.

Ok so we need the sharing permissions.
What different approach can I take to get these? Thanks.

Ok, then I have a different answer than before. Start by taking good backups of your database, all data, and the OC directory. Then follow the migration path until you are on NC 12.


I think you need to upgrade to OC 9.0, but don’t go to 9.1.6
Personally, I would upgrade to OC 9, then right to NC 9, and up from there.

I have already tried migration and it failed miserably on me.
I went from OC 8.2 to NC 9, then when I tried to upgrade to 10/11 it asked me to update php when I did that everything broke. Hence now I am simply building a new NC 12 server and want to move the files over to it.

I was going from Ubuntu-14 and php5.5 and OC 8.2
So I think its better that I build a new server Ubuntu-16 with php7 and do a clean install of NC 12.