Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud




I see multiple OC 9.1.x to NC 11.x success stories in this thread

@jospoortvliet What is the “official” state on how to migrate from OC 9.1.3.? Should I migrate

  • directly to NC 11.0.1
  • first to NC 10.0.2 and then to NC 11.0.1


Seemingly “successful” might not be the right way… right? :slight_smile: In example, NC10 does some DB optimisation on upgrade from OC/NC9. NC11 asserts that there has been NC10 before and does not do that, that is - skipping NC 10.x could mean skipping some under the hood stuff that is not visible now, but might bite in the future.



See https://nextcloud.com/migrate for some info on what goes to what. If it doesn’t cover your question please let me know! I will then update the website so I answer it for everybody :wink:


Although my migration went very well, I must admit there is one thing weird when going into my cloud through the web interface: I’ve got hundreds of connections which makes it take almost 10 entire seconds before I can eventually see something displayed on the web page.

In the screenshot, I’ve used the network debugger in Firefox and as you can see in the top right corner, I have a total of 261 connections when I load the default index page (I don’t have a lot of items at the root: 5 folders and 1 file). I’ve got around 200 connections before I can see something and then the rest is once the “framework” is displayed:

It seems like a pretty huge number of css and js files…
What’s your advice @jospoortvliet?


I guess that’s the wrong url, I get a 404. This links works https://nextcloud.com/migration/ :stuck_out_tongue:


sae here, seems to be absolutely normal. 95% is also loaded from cache after visiting the site once.


Yeah but even from cache, it takes a lot of time. Enough for the web app to be considered laggy/buggy I’d say.


Damn, haven’t seen this link…

I’ve jump right from ownCloud 9.1.x to Nextcloud 11.0.x and skipped Nextcloud 10.0.x… Is it a problem? And more importantly, is it possible to fix the problem?


I just moved successfully from Owncloud to Nextcloud like written here: https://nextcloud.com/migration/

Owncloud 9.1.3 --> Nextcloud 10.0.3 --> Nextcloud 11.0.1

So far everything I need works. Thanks!


Oh shit, it is becoming a fail here… I can’t connect using my phone, it says that the server took too much time to answer (I’m on WiFi and the server is well recognized when I enter the URL)

I don’t know how to fix this problem… help please!

Edit: I’m sure it’s linked with my previous post about the amount of transaction when accessing the main page. It’s awfully slow… should have never jumped to Nextcloud :frowning:


creak - it should be possible to go from ownCloud 9.1 to Nextcloud 11, that shouldn’t be the issue. But you sure as hell do have a weird bug and I would like to ask you to file an issue for that :wink:

What do the logs say etc etc? See https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/new

Sorry for the bug, this shouldn’t happen :frowning:


Everyone, I’ve written an extensive post on how to upgrade. See it here: https://nextcloud.com/blog/protect-your-privacy-time-to-upgrade-to-nextcloud-11./

I would really, REALLY like feedback. I had it reviewed by a few people but, as you see, I try to describe how to go from ownCloud 5.0 (!!!) to Nextcloud 11 and darn, that is hard :wink:


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thank you for a fantastic cloud server :slight_smile:

I am trying to sort out an official method for upgrading + migrating Owncloud on Mageia 5 to Nextcloud on Mageia 6.
Mageia 6 have been in a soon-to-bee released rolling like state for unusually long now but soon really it is out. (i have been using it for soon a year on my production machines)

I am a user and feedbacker on Mageia, and when i installed Owncloud myself - currently 9.0.5 on Mageia 5 - i wrote the Owncloud/Nextcloud wiki page. Now i would like to actualise the upgrading procedure description, and make sure Mageia 5 and 6 have all versions needed;

As you know owncloud/nextcloud upgrades must not skip major (x.x even) versions, and need manual intervention. Therefor, on Mageia we put the new packages in backports repo so they are not automatically upgraded.
As per the most common info, the plan have been to upgrade Owncloud in steps up to 9.0.x on Mageia 5, before the complete system is upgraded to Nextcloud, at version 10. https://wiki.mageia.org/en/OwnCloud#Upgrading

But now i note that https://nextcloud.com/migration/ now do not list Owncloud 9.0 to NExtxloud 10 as a possibl epathe so we should upgrade ownloud one more step, to 9.1, before switching to Nextcloud 10. Is that an error on that page (i cannot see that info anywhere else, and not in this thread either). Is it still OK to go Owncloud 9.0.5 to Nextcloud 10 ?

Time have passed and current Nextcloud version is 11. Optimally that would be the default version on new Mageia 6 installs to. How reliable is an update from Owncloud 9.1.latest to Nextcloud 11?
Are there only problems regarding plugins, and if so, do we have a list or other info?

If we need go via Nextcloud 10, we can put it in “backorts” (really abusing the intention of that repo, but what to do…) and recommend users to first upgrade osncloud on magiea 5, then uinstall it so it do not pull in Nextcloud at system upgrade, upgrade to Mageia 6, then manually install Nextcloud 10 from backports, then upgrade to Nextcloud 11 in core repo. A bit crazy, but…

Any comments or helpful knowledge are welcome.

BTW, on the client side, can settings etc be overtaken from ownCloud client 2.x to current Nextcloud client?


Even better it was suggested by one of our packagers to get Nextcloud 10 into Mageia 5, and only have Nextcloud 11 and later in Mageia 6.

Still the question: Should we use Owncloud 9.1.latest as an intermediate step between Owncloud 9.0.5 and Nextcloud 10 ?

And now i found at http://blog.jospoortvliet.com/2016/06/migrating-to-nextcloud-9.html

For Nextcloud 11 we have a ambitious road map already but we’ll still enable migration from ownCloud 9.1 to Nextcloud 11 so you can migrate at your leisure!

That would be wonderful. Does it work?


Upgrading from ownCloud 9.1.x to nextcloud 11 does not work:

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.
Update failed

https://nextcloud.com/migration/ also says only 9.1 to 10 is possible.


I’m also having problems migrating from OC 9.1.6 running on Ubuntu 16.04 w/ php7.

Migrate to:

  • NC10: Downgrade not supported
  • NC11: “Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported. Update failed.”

I’ve tried the manual approach for both NC versions as well as the automatic updater approach for NC11.

Any news on a possible fix?


I edited the version string in the config.php file from 9.1.6 to 9.1.5 and the update to 10.0.5 went through without a problem. I then updated from 10 to 11 and finally Nextcloud 12 with the internal updater which worked without a problem.


That may work, but I’m not prepared to potentially screw up my database in more or less subtle ways by doing this hacky workaround. Thus, I’m requesting an officially tested migration process.


@worric Here is an more or less official statement on this problem:


I also get the error "NC11: “Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported. Update failed.” I am migrating from OwnCloud 9.1 to NextCloud 11.0.3.

This thread also discusses that error:

Also see this bug:

Is there any new information from the NextCloud development team on this?