How to install from OC 8.2

how can I migrate from owncloud 8.2.9 on one server to nextcloud on another? Can I follow ownclouds instructions for migrating to another server.

I just split this off. It’s just like an upgrade with owncloud except that you use the Nextcloud sources:

Possible upgrade paths:
OC 8.2.9 -> NC 9 -> NC 10 -> NC 11
some reported that it is better to go to OC 9.0 first
OC 8.2.9 -> OC 9.0 -> NC 10 -> NC 11

If you use LDAP and calendar/contacts, make sure that you work a while with OC 9.0/NC9 that all the object for each user are properly converted.

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And as I investigated in topic beside of this if you using very large LDAP for user backend you may be faced with problem that I have in my installation, upgrade/migration may stuck on processing user shared files/directories. So you will need to disable user_ldap app from CLI before you run ./occ upgrade

it sounds like there is no shortcut. i was hoping to export everything from owncloud 8.2.9 and import to nextcloud 11. normally a lot of work, but since I need to move it to a new server anyway, worth asking

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