Migrating from Owncloud 9.1 to Nextcloud

What is the correct procedure? I tried the methods offered and got an error about downgrading being unsupported.

Could you post the terminal output or a screenshot of the error?

ownCloud 9.1 is newer then Nextcloud 9.0.53, so you will have to wait for Nextcloud 10 (which is the ownCloud 9.1 brother).
There was a first beta release yesterday, final release of 10 might need some more time.

Are such migration paths possible (supported)? Or is it just “by accident” because the data/db-structure hasn’t changed so far?

Possible migrations paths:

ownCloud 9.0 => Nextcloud 9 :white_check_mark:
ownCloud 9.0 => Nextcloud 10 :white_check_mark:
ownCloud 9.1 => Nextcloud 10 :white_check_mark:
ownCloud 10.0.0 => Nextcloud 12.0.0 :white_check_mark:
ownCloud 10.0.1 => Nextcloud 12.0.1 :white_check_mark:

ownCloud 9.1 => Nextcloud 9 :x:
ownCloud 10.0.1 => Nextcloud 12.0.0 :x:


Upgrading from ownCloud 9.1 to Nextcloud 9 worked fine for me.
But to get ‘occ upgrade’ to work, I had to edit the version number in my config.php and make it lower. As far as I can tell everything still works

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Can you keep to the SAME version number as the source you fork from ?

At least during this initial period when we are migrating across ?

It is very confusing to everyone (esp. at this early stage of the Nextcloud fork) to make such a major jump in version number to 10, without much change in the code base.

If you think the name “Nextcloud 9.1” is still NOT different enough to “Owncloud 9.1” then may be add a minor number e.g. 9.1.1

Imagine the problem when Owncloud moves to 10, will it be Nextcloud 10.5 or 11.0 …

However, it IS good to made the major version number out of sync when Nextcloud is NO LONGER compatible with Owncloud, to tell people that so much changes have occurred that they are no longer compatible with each other.

Maybe that can help someone, who doesn’t want to wait for version 10.

I successfully migrated from ownCloud 9.1 to nextCloud 9.0.53 on a shared host (All-inkl).
I cannot garantee, that this will work on another system. I just describe, how I migrated.

ownCloud is installed in a folder /htdocs/cloud/9.1.0/owncloud
Datadir is in a folder /htdocs/data/owncloud/data
Tempdir is in a folder /htdocs/tmp/owncloud/tmp
PHP 5.2.17 as Apache module
MySQL 5.6.30

Steps to reproduce
! Prevent synchronizing eg. by stopping ownCloud synchronizing app on local PC or by changing the ownCloud URL to a maintenace page. Now or later before copying the database and the data directory.
! Maybe it may be safe to disable all owncloud applications before executing the following steps. I didn’t.


  1. Extract nextCloud distribution to /htdocs/cloud/9.0.53/nextcloud
  2. Create /htdocs/data/nextcloud/data
  3. Create /htdocs/tmp/nextcloud/tmp
  4. Create an new nextCloud-DB
  5. Copy /htdocs/cloud/9.1.0/owncloud/config/config.php to htdocs/cloud/9.0.53/nextcloud/config/config.php
  6. Edit /htdocs/cloud/9.0.53/nextcloud/config/config.php
    ’datadirectory’ => ‘/htdocs/data/nextcloud/data’,
    ‘tempdirectory’ => ‘/htdocs/tmp/nextcloud/tmp’,
    ‘version’ => ‘’,
    ‘dbname’ => ‘nextCloud-DB’,
    ‘dbuser’ => ‘nextCloud-DB user’,
    ‘dbpassword’ => ‘nextCloud-DB pass’,
  7. Set permissions for folders and files (wwwroot as user)

! At least now client synchronising should be prevented as described before.

Execution of the migartion:
8. Make exact copy of the owncloud-DB to a new nextCloud-DB
9. Copy all files from /htdocs/data/owncloud/data to /htdocs/data/nextcloud/data
10. Point host configuration from htdocs/cloud/9.1.0/owncloud to htdocs/cloud/9.0.53/nextcloud
11. Open nextCloud in browser -> Update starts and should complete without error (I had just warnings of apps that have been disabled)
12. Login in to nextCloud
13. Enable needed applications
14. Start synchronizing (Client didn’t recognise the changes server system in my case -> synchronizing behaves as usual)

After these steps, which I reproduced on three instances, I did not get one entry in the log file.

I made a complete copy of the database and the data directory instead of a backup. In case of an error, I would have been able to return to the previous installation by just changing the host entry to the old value.


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Same for me here. Changed version from to in config.php and migration went fine.

guys who migrated from owncloud 9.1 do you have the calendar app showing up calendars? I have neither contact_birthdays nor my custom calendar appearing, just endless spinning circle.

Just open a new topic and give more details about your problem (logfiles). If you hijack old topic marked as “resolved”, you risk that your questions are missed.