Migrating from ownCloud 10.0.8


I just spent some time upgrading my owncloud installation and while doing that - discovered Nextcloud.

Seems to me like a no-brainer that I should switch over to Nextcloud, I just need my data to come with me :slight_smile:

According to the table here the latest version supported for migration is 10.0.2: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/maintenance/migrating_owncloud.html?highlight=migration

But I have 10.0.8 (the latest currently available).

The nextcloud installer fails with “Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.
Update failed”

I have a backup of my previous owncloud installation (9.1.1) but no backup of the data from before the upgrade.

Is it safe to migrate from the owncloud 9.1.1 but the owncloud 10.0.8 data directory?

Alternatively, I can wait till a release of Nextcloud where upgrading from 10.0.8 is supported. When do you think that might happen?

Thanks in advance.

depends on your data. if you have just a “couple” of file store in some folder it should be easy to “backup and restore” via a client. sync everything to your pc, install nc13, setup the desktop client for this and move the files to that folder to upload them to nc13.

if you have a lot of files, a lot of users, a lot shares and such stuff you need a proper consistent backup.

what kind of backup do you have? you need the data folder and the database. preferably taken at the same time.

but the bad news: to restore a owncloud backup to nextcloud and migrate is no fun. i did it. so i know.

if you want to test the migration my advice would be: get a aws/azure/ovh/digitalocean/your-fav-cloud-provider account and try either to downgrade/restore there your owncloud installation to an upgradeable version or install nc13 and just migrate your data. Make a backup of the result and restore it to the server where you want to run your nc.
(you may find https://github.com/ReinerNippes/nextcloud13 helpful to install nc13 in a cloud server.)

Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t have a lot of data - primarily a lot of contacts for one user, and some files for several other users.

I didn’t even think of backing up the database. I just have a backup of the main directory (but not the data directory which I keep separately).

Is it likely that a later version of ownCloud will support migration from ownCloud 10.0.8? Any idea when such a version would be released?

here https://www.c-rieger.de/nextcloud-backup-and-restore/ you find a howto backup&restore nextcloud.
should work as well (more or less) for owncloud.
but forget about backup owncloud and restore to nextcloud.

maybe export of the contacs is an alternative.

From time to time they update the migration schemes. So if you stay with 10.0.8 a bit longer, you might be able to migrate directly. Lately it gets a bit more messy because Nextcloud pushes out new versions and does not backport new features to old versions while ownCloud tries to keep only one version and pushes changes in minor updates. So you have to look carefully between which versions an upgrade is possible.

If you want to move quickly and don’t have a lot of data, a backup of the data and playing them back to a new Nextcloud setup could be the easier and more secure solution.

Hi, i have the same problem, 30 Users with 300gb Files