Migrating from older Owncloud to Newest Nextcloud

I have Owncloud with 500 users and decided to migrate newest version of Nextcloud.
Both Owncloud and Nextcloud are using for only file sharing.
Is there any script or procedure bulk transfer or automatization?
If it is not, is there any way to copy user’s file from owncloud to nextcloud as admin?


In this case it would probably make sense to contact Nextcloud GmbH instead of using some random scripts or guides on the internet…


The question is, of course, whether you use ownCloud more as a file repository for your users or as a collaboration platform.

If you are more concerned with giving users a place to store their files, losing all shares, etc., then you can simply build a standalone Nextcloud under a new name and ask users to move their files themselves.

However, if it is about collaboration, I would also advise you to contact Nextcloud GmbH or get another service provider.

Hi, I think I solve the problem
After copy fşles to appropriate users via SCP, I run
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all
command , then I can see thwe copied files in user’s page.
It is little bit messy but can save life :slight_smile:

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Well. “occ files:scan --all” is necessary so that the Nextcloud database, such as MariaDB, also knows that the files exist at all. You only have to do this once or for scp, sftp, … Files that are uploaded via Nextcloud (Web or clients) or WebDAV are of course recognized directly by Nextcloud.

Also the user can migrate the data. Hopefully ist works also with ownCloud / Nextcloud.


I guess, this will be a rather complicated task to do. Especially when you (@tevfikceydeliler) are no Linux power user. The link to “how to transfer data to new Nextcloud server” is unfortunately very basic and will most likely not solve your particular problem, as it doesn’t tackle all the other subjects necessary to be considered here.

Let me try to put down my thoughts about what a migration should contain after installing a fresh NextCloud service on your server and for the case that you don’t have to care about further Nextcloud addons (so, just the default FileManagement is used):

  • re-create all user accounts as admin user - this will ensure that the user data folder structure on your new server fits your old server structures

  • re-build user data folder structures - on your new server, the folder structures for all users are to be re-created in order to be able to at first, recreate the user permissions, and after that to fill in the old user data (files)

  • re-enter / recover user permissions - now, the old permissions concerning all users and all respective data folder locations are to be set. there are different types of permissions possible (read, write, delete, …) . pretty complicated when you have 500 users.

  • upload user data files into folder structure - now, it would be the time to upload all the user data files into the newly created (but identical looking) data folder structures. after that, you should issue the command you mentioned: sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all which would hopefully re-build the other necessary parts of the database so that the users would see and access the files again.

Unfortunately, every user would have to log-in with a “default” password which you created when creating the user accounts in the first step. the password hash information for every user would most likely be stored within the database somewhere, but as we didn’t touch the database, we wouldn’t know it.

Further important tasks would be:

  • re-enter / recover backup settings
  • re-enter / recover auto-update settings
  • re-configure NoIP (or other) for smooth https usage

whether or not Nextcloud’s backup and restore functions could be trimmed for this, I don’t know. whether or not there is another scripting support for one of the tasks I can’t tell.

Hopefully, one of the devs or a power users reads this thread and steps in to correct my writings or provide further hints.

It is nice.
Workload is high. bec 500 users and old one is owncloud… So, install owncloud and nextcloud desktop agent, then move it then remove apps for every users.

Yes. Not very cool. But the real problem is that all shares are lost. This and other things such as contacts and calendars are the reason why it might be better to migrate the ownCloud professionally to Nextcloud. Perhaps you should ask your users about this. The App Forms is a good place to start. Maybe everyone will be happy with only the relocation of the files.

Shares not so important. bec. our sharing policy valid only 2 days. After 2 days, sharing unavailable.