Migrating encrypted instance


I have inherited netxcloud 9 data that needs to be set up on a new server.

I have the databse, all the user files and keys (files and files_encryption), I also know all of the users passwords.

I do not have the config file.

As far as I understand all the keys for users files are contained in the files_encryption directories and the missing configuration file should not affect this, I set up a new instance, and loaded up all the old files and database. i can login just fine, view the files listing, but when I try opening one I get the “Can not decrypt this file” error.

Is there a way of encrypting these files or is there no way of doing this without the config file?

I think there was a salt in the config file used for passwords. Why can you access data and not the config file? At least you php process can access it…

I just got a backup data from a failed drive, but they didn’t backup the conf.

With a backup you ideally test a recovery procedure (especially with encryption) :wink: Let’s ask the encryption experts if there are ways to restore without config.php @bjoern