Migrating client to new computer

Nextcloud version (server): 27.1.8snap1
Nextcloud version (client): 3.12.3
Operating system and version (server): Ubuntu Server 22.04
Operating system and version (client): Ubuntu Desktop 22.04
Server Apache and PHP version: I run the snap nextcloud server, so I believe all that stuff is self-contained within the snap. There are no apache or php instances installed on the server (an RPi3 running Ubuntu Server 22.04). The changelog for nextcloud-snap on github was last updated for 27.1.6snap1, and that one had php 8.2.15 and apache 2.4.58

The issue you are facing:

Please excuse me if this has been covered already. I did do some searching but couldn’t find a suitable topic.

I have bought a new laptop, and want to move my nextcloud client and files to the new laptop. I shut down the nextcloud server and then copied over the nextcloud files directory from the old laptop to the new laptop, including the .db file. Turned off old laptop, and then restarted the server. I had hoped everything would work straight away and all files would appear as synched on the new laptop, but the nextcloud client appears to ignore the .db file I copied over (probably by design). Subsequently, it proceeds to go about “checking for changes” in all directories and starts building a new .db file. This takes a long time. Normally this would not be an issue, but the internet connection to my server is not so stable, and about two-thirds the way through all the folders, the connection is lost. The nextcloud client times out, and then proceeds to start again from the very beginning, until it times out again due to the next lost connection. This process repeats indefinitely. So I am unable to get everything synched.

Is there some way I can make the client on the new laptop accept the copied files and .db file from the old laptop, i.e. to manually import everything to the client on the new laptop?