Migratie from OwnCloud 10.2.1 to NextCloud

I’m trying to migrate an OwnCloud 10.2.1 instance to NextCloud. Looking at Migrating OwnCloud I expected I would be able to migrate to NextCloud 12.0.13.

This documentation is wrong or not clear on this point because migration / update will fail with message

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

Is it possible to migrate this 10.2.1 OwnCloud instance to NextCloud?

To check accuracy of the migration guide I checked migration from 10.0.0 to 12.0.0. This also does not work.

Command line shows an error message

Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\DriverException: An exception occurred while executing ‘ALTER TABLE oc_addressbooks ALTER id TYPE BIGSERIAL’:

SQLSTATE[42704]: Undefined object: 7 ERROR: type “bigserial” does not exist
Update failed

This problem is easily reproduced by installing a fresh OwnCloud 10.0.0 and then migrate to NextCloud 12.0.0.

Is there a migration path for OwnCloud to NextCloud when using PostgreSQL that someone verified to actually work?

The first two migration paths in the migration guide I can confirm do not work:

  • OwnCloud 10.0.1 or later won’t migrate to NextCloud 12.0.1 or later
  • OwnCloud 10.0.0 won’t migrate to NextCloud 12.0.0.
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In the end I used this migration / upgrade path
PHP 5.6 → 7.0.2 → 8.0.16 → 8.1.12 → 8.2.11 → 9.0.11 → 9.0.58 NextCloud → 10.0.6 → 11.0.8 → 12.0.13 → 13.0.2 → PHP 7.2 → 14.0.14 → 15.0.11 → 16.0.4