Migrate v12 to v13 on new server

Hi All,

we have a vm running on ubuntu 14 and nextcloud 12. it was originally a owncloud 9 and is upgraded several times. we had some dificulties after we hit the 2tb data marker.

we want to setup a new server with ubuntu 18, with better specs and new nextcloud 13.

the main question is, how can we transport the current 2.1tb data to the new server?
the servers are connected over 10gbit lan so speed should be good,

for the settings, upgrade the old to 13 and do a backup restore of the database?

Any info is welcome

ask aunt G. who knows the answer:

I’d do a backup now in NC 12. Then either upgrade to NC 13, then migrate, or migrate first, then upgrade. If you migrate first, you have your old setup already prepared in case you can’t use the new setup right away.

For the migration, there is a section in the documentation: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/maintenance/migrating.html

For the data transfer, rsnyc (don’t forget to use an encrypted connection if it isn’t a direct connection) or similar should have a good performance. 2 tb shouldn’t take very long on a 10gbit lan.