Migrate to new server (where i have no root access) - Hetzner Storage Share

hello everyone, i have the following situation:

i want to migrate my current nextcloud (installed on a cloudron VPS) to a Hetzner storage share (a.k.a nextcloud). on the new installation i have no SSH access at all, since it is a hetzner custom nextcloud.

is there a way to move my files, users and specially mantain the old links? without SSH i cannot import databases etc, so i am not sure if i can somehow make it work with the help of apps only?

thanks in advance!

Without access to the server’s file system and the database, you cannot migrate all user accounts and data at once. With the User migration app, however, you should at least be able to migrate the accounts one by one after you have created them manually on the new instance.

Try asking Hetzner directly.

ok, thank you. i will see what can be done.

On a Managed Nextcloud you have got less opportunities. If Hetzner does not offer you a migration, then I would create all new users manually and instruct the users to migrate the data themselves. It would probably make sense to use the Nextcloud client. Here is a video. Test it with your own user and write a documentation for your users.

the shared links would be gone though, correct?

Yes. First normally you get a new name e.g. cloud-old.server.tld and then cloud-new.server.tld. But if you can use the same name e.g. cloud.server.tld for both the shares are stored in the database and you can not migrate the database, too.

I don’t know if Hetzner offers a real migration. You would most likely have to switch to another provider that offers individual Nextcloud administrations.

For real migration you can read backup and restore. If you do backup/restore from one server to another server with the same name cloud.server.tld then you can migrate including shares, … The backup/restore includes Nextcloud software (use same version), Nextcloud configuration, user data and database e.g. MariaDB.

hello and thank you. yes i tried that, i already had a backup from the old server on amazon s3, but i did not know how the new server can access that backup.

  • i mounted s3 on the old server and did a backup including app_data
  • i mounted the same s3 on the new server, but i dont see the backups listed there and it seems the Restore works only per CLI anyway, which, again, i have no access to (or is there a way to restore from the admin area?)

Yes. For Backup and Restore you need CLI or your hoster must help you.