Migrate to latest version of Nextcloud

Hello all,
Note that we have deployed the latest version of Nextcloud on a RHEL server with below setup:

OS: Red hat 8.9
PHP: 8.2.17
Mysql : 8.0.32

Old server:

OS: Red hat 7.6
PHP 7.2.17
Mysql: 5.5.60


I need to migrate all the data from the old server/db to the new server/db.
Kindly advise if there are any documents / links as help for this migration.
I need to ensure that this migration is transparent to the end-users.

Kindly advise the best way forward.

Nextcloud doesn’t support skipping major versions. So first you should upgrade to 16 β†’ 17 β†’ 18 β†’ 19 β†’ 20. Then upgrade to PHP 7.4. Then upgrade NC to 21 β†’ 22 β†’ 23 β†’ 24 β†’ 25. Then upgrade to PHP 8. Then upgrade NC to 26 before moving it to the new server.

If you can’t upgrade the PHP version on your old server, you can try using the community docker images or move everything into a VM with an OS where you can make the upgrades.

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yes either migrate to a new server running the same NC version and upgrade to the supported version, or upgrade old server to any supported version and migrated then…

Follow official migration docs: Migrating to a different server β€” Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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