Migrate ownCloud on RH 7 to Nextcloud


Thanks for your reply.

So here is the problem.

I am currently running on own cloud and would like to migrate to next cloud.

However I cannot use fedora as that’s requires upgrading version every 6 months or so and that’s too much for a production environment so I am stuck with rhel 7.

However if the repositories for next cloud keep changing and possibly require re installation every time then what do I do?

When I originally tried to install next cloud 11 I bumped into the fact that I needed php 56 and not anything else.

So I gave up and stuck with own cloud.

The issue with installing php packages from elsewhere means that, at least from what I tried, I would have to play around and reinstall half of the apache stuff I have working on the server, as I just do not run own cloud on that one.

Therefore whilst the present epel next cloud package would now work with yum because it is compatible with the version of php, it may require a fresh install later on, defying the point of having a stable server environment.

Marco Costantino


Are you running a control panel on your server? I ask because there are easy methods to update php version or install other version beside the main version for centos/Debian rhel