Migrate ownCloud 10.8.x to Nextcloud

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i want to migrate from ownCloud 10.8.x to Nextcloud. I found a migration tool for ownCloud 10.5 and earlier only. Is there any guided way to migrate from 10.8 to Nextcloud?

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Did you manage to find a solution for this? I’m currently also looking into whether this is possible. Haven’t tried running the migration tool yet, first wanted to look around for someone having tried this. Have you tried the tool, did it work for you?


due to I only have a production environment and no test environment I didn‘t try in the dark yet. My next step will be to install a test environment and migrate this to nextcloud. I will report :wink:

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I actually tried to migrate from Owncloud 10.8 to Nextcloud 20.0.4 on a test environment, as stated in the documentation: “You can update from ownCloud 10.5 and older to Nextcloud 20.0.4 after which you can use our update to move to a newer Nextcloud release.”
But it is returning me the following error: “Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported. Update failed”.
I currently found no way to migrate Owncloud 10.8 to Nextcloud.

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Since you have a testing instance, you could try to change those two values in the config.php of your test-installation to pretend it is ownCloud 10.5.0 and try the migration to Nextcloud 20:

'version' => '',

EDIT: maybe you also have to change those lines in version.php:

$OC_Version = [10, 5, 0, 10];
$OC_VersionString = '10.5.0';

So, I tried upgrading from owncloud 10.8 to Nextcloud 20.0.14 by changing config.php to for a testing instance with only 2 users (with shared files) and the upgrade actually worked BUT there were many small errors that you need to manually correct, especially for the database. Files and shares are still visible in the UI and I have no error navigating through it. However, I wouldn’t recommend to do it since this upgrade is currently not officially supported, unless someone can afford to do deeper testing for this upgrade.

Running I have the same problem.
Is there no help outside?

I once migrated an older owncloud instance - meanwhile it’s working flawlessly, but I also had to change a bunch by hand, it took me a few hours.

I’m especially irritated as it says “10.0.5 or later” at https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/admin_manual/maintenance/migrating_owncloud.html
So I expect that also newer Versions do work.

Edit: I did the “change version in config.php”-thing:
It runs through and gives a working webinterface.
Webinterface shows what’s to do manually to fix stuff. I didn’t run into any problems so far, it’s just a bit manual work.
I upgraded from to NC 20.0.5 and used the webupdater to 20.0.14. No problems!

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