Migrate owncloud 10.11.0 to Nextcloud 25.0.1

Hi, I want to migrate latest owncloud (on old server, 10.11.0) to latest nextcloud (on new server, 25.0.1) since owncloud does not support PHP 8 which is installed on the new server.
The nextcloud migration tool breaks my old installation since it does not support the PHP version on my old server.
Copying the databases from the old server to the new one gives me an error (“Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.”) and leaves nextcloud also broken.
Any idea on how I can migrate successfully?

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please use search function of this forum, likely you are not the first user experiencing a problem. e.g.

as described in the docs you can migrate OwnCloud 10.0.5 (and later?) to Nextcloud 20.0.5. You can use docker if you don’t have real system with such old NC release. later upgrade following regular NC upgrade procedure…

maybe this detailed guide helps you as well

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with all due respect @wwe this answer - esp. with the assumption “(and later?)”, the reference to older versions and outdated migration writeups is not very helpful as the question clearly addresses the latest version of both ownCloud and Nextcloud. Not even talking about the docker advice that adds another level of complexity.

With the deprecation of PHP7.4 and several hoster upgrading by force to 8.0 or newer (which indeed is the right strategy) ownCloud installations at those hosters are breaking. As their new product OCIS requires a very different setup than “just” a usual LAMP stack one (maybe the only) strategy is to migrate to Nextcloud.

With that in mind a clear how-to with adjusted to the oC and NextCloud 25.0.1 would be very helpful. I quite confident, that there will be more showing up with this request in the next few days.

Any proper guidance on this would be highly appreciated

best regards Stefan

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Hi, see Migrating from ownCloud — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

It will be possible to officially migrate from ownCloud 10.11 to Nextcloud 25.0.2 or higher.


In short you will be able to upgrade oC 10.11 TO Nextcloud 25.0.2 to be released next week Thursday. That is for the specific versions the general point on how to migrate have been posted in this thread above.


Thanks a lot for all the efforts that were made with Nextcloud 25.0.2 - Migration of my first instance just happend. Have to figure out yet, how my hoster will allow me to perform the last few occ commands, but so far so good.

Created a new account to post this same issue. Thankfully I found this first.

Same setup as OP. As of right now (March 26, 2023), this works. However the wording in the migration guide is incorrect and caused quite a few hours of confusion:

Owncloud 10.11.x [is upgradeable to] Nextcloud 25.0.x (but at least 25.0.2)".

Currently, the latest, archived version of Nextcloud 25.0 is 25.0.4. However, attempting to migrate ownCloud 10.11 to 25.0.4 does not work and instead throws the ‘2 major versions’ error.
Version 25.0.2 alone allowed migration from OC 10.11.0 (though I found it was also important to upgrade from first).

This attempt was finally successful and I’ve begun the process of updating to the latest greatest and getting my users back up and running.

Gonna generate a pull request for that guide while I wait…

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