Migrate OSX Live Photos to Nextcloud

I’m trying to migrate from OSX Photos to Nextcloud, but I’d like to preserve my “Live” photos. Is there a way to migrate all photos into nextckoud without loosing the ‘live’ photo functionality?

I know there’s an iOS app which supports live photos, but that only seems to upload the “Camera Roll” instead of the entire photo library.

I’ve tried:

  • Using OSX to sync photos to my iPhone so i can use the app to sync the live photos, but syncing OSX photos to ios does not sync the photos to the “Camera Roll”, but rather to the Library which is not uploaded by the nextcloud app.
  • Exporting photos from the OSX Photos app. This separates the live photos into an image and a movie file. After importing the image and movie to nextcloud, it is not recognized as a ‘live’ photo.
  • Using OSX to sync photos to the iPhone and then ‘share’ the ios photos to nextcloud - this also doesn’t preserve the ‘live’ functionality.

The only way i can seem to preserve the ‘live’ functionality is if i select photos in the ios photo library and ‘duplicate’ the photos using the share menu. After duplicating, the photos will show up in the ‘Camera Roll’ and will sync with the ‘live’ functionality to nextcloud, but then i’m left with duplicate photos on my ios photo library and the metadata seems to be messed up on the duplicated photos (dates are wrong).

If anyone has any recommendations on how to import OSX Live photos to nextcloud, please share!