Migrate Nextcloud to a new Envirnment


I have NC15 running on a shared hosting account. But I’d like to migrate to a dedicated VPS as more and more users are added to the machine and I run out of space at my shared hosting contract.

Ideally I’d like to

  1. setup the new NC on a place like cloudtest.mysite.com
  2. Migrate all files, apps, settings, users etc. to the new instance
  3. change the DNS so that cloud.mysite.com now points to the IP of the new server.

My main question is about step 2. What is the level of migration that NC will automate for me? Or do I have to manually set over files and export/import MYSQL databases?

Thnx for tips and ideas!

take care that the instanceid: in config.php and the foldername appdata_ are the same .

this could be helpful. will save a lot of typing.

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