Migrate NCP on a physical machine to NCP Docker

I am running a NCP instance on an old laptop using Debian as an OS.
This is working smoothly for nearly a year and honestly, I am hoping this won’t change :wink: but if, I would like to have a backup instance up and running quite fast.

My idea was hosting a NCP docker on my QNAP, the /data directory is already there and is being mounted as an NFS share on the NCP instance I do have now. This means, no real need to move data around.

But I have no idea what would be the best way to get the old backups (ncp does them daily) working with the docker container. Before I start playing around, I am curious if someone else did this already.
Because if I get this up and running easily, I can just have that “docker” instance sitting there an waiting for the day my NCP instance dies.

There are a couple different backup methods available, which one(s) are you using?

When migrating to docker, you would have to:

  • recreate the users manually or restore a dataless backup containing the sql database.

  • mount the existing ncdata directory using the -v option

  • run nc-scan

I am using the NCP mechanism :slight_smile: and want to migrate to the NCP docker image. So I assume this should be straight forward, but still thought asking would be good idea if anyone still migrated successfully.