Migrate/Move users and their files from one NC Server to another ...Possible ? How?

Hey Community,

instead of upgrading, I was wondering if there is an easy way to move/copy/migrate users and their files from an “old” server setup to a new server setup with a new clean database.

The reason for me to think thast direction is some strange behaviour of my current setup NC 9.0.54 / MySQL / PhP 7.0.1
at a hosted server.

Anyone done this ??

Thank’s for any infos,


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Is there a reason you don’t want to upgrade your current installation? I went from OC 8.1 to NC 10 in a few steps with great success.

I’ve also moved users from one install to another by hand. I did it the hard way since it was only a handful of users with no shares.

I setup the new install, created the users logged in as them and then used FTP to move files from old server to new. After the files were moved I ran a file scan from the cl and all the files showed up for the users.

What part of your setup causes the problem?

It will be difficult to do a fresh setup and keeping part of the setup. Only thing you can do: Make a new installation, create all users again (you can do this on the command line with the occ command, so for many users you could use a script). You can even move the whole data-directory back so that the users will find their files again. However, regarding the files there are two problems:

  • All “meta-data” of these files is lost (tags, sharing with other user or external)
  • The sync-clients will have to resync all files

Good morning guys,

first of all thank’s very much for your input so far !!!

The reason for thinking this way to start a new installation with a n ew and clean database are the issues I have explained in my other posts:



I have the feeling they are both related… and i can’t figure out a solution so far - despite the good info’s and suggestions I got.

SO, as my famous user: “ABC” is myself/admin and I do have local copies of all files (decrypted), the syncing and later sharing of those files will be no problem at all … but time consuming.

So my remaining (I guess :wink: ) question is now, how can I transfer (or better) copy users including their login credentials:
User, UserID, UserName, E-MailAddress from one Server/Database to anotrher Server/database …

I assume I have to do some export/import of database tables ??? or is there an occ command helping me to do that ?
which specific database tables would I have to transfer/copy ??

Thank’s !!

Well anything that “moves” the data, might also move the problems and/or generate new problems. So what you could do is, to ask all users to backup their files, set up your new instance and ask them to reupload everything.


so I’m not planning to move data… but is there some info on how to move database contents UserID/Username/email and Password ?? which database tables ??

So people do not have to register again with new credentials ??

any other helpfull hints (I’m not really a specialist) but know how to deal with e.g. HeidiSQL… and I have access to the respective databases…

I have no answer, sorry. But I faced the same problem and did an installation from scratch.

I was thinking on that option as a future feature. Thinking on a “Federation Passport”. It would make possible for users to move their data from one server to another. They could even have their data encrypted.