Migrate from RPi3 to RPi5 on NCP 1.54

Currently, my NCP 1.54 is running on RPi3 with Debian/Raspbian Bullseye. With RPi5 support introduced in NCP1.54, I’m considering to migrate better performance.

Following my experience of migrating from 32bit RPi2 to 64bit RPi3, I would only need to export/backup ncp and nextcloud from RPi3 v1.54, and then import/restore on the new v1.54 image flashed to RPi5.

However, since the RPi5 support and image is switched to Armbian. Is there anything else I should pay attention during the migration?


Well, I went into this process to finish the migration.

Most parts went well except one strange behavior that almost caught me.

After finishing the 1st-run wizard on the new RPi5 instance, I switched off the ncp-web and turned on SSH. That’s similar to what I did to the existing RPi3 instance.

However, while importing the ncp-backup into RPi5, the SSH access was switched off during the process.

I had to run ncp-config to flip the SSH access flag one more time to restore the proper SSH access.

Hope it helps other people while migrating.

Thanks a lot to the developer team for the continuous support for this self-host solution on SBC!