Migrate from OwnCloud 9.1.0 to NextCloud 11... on different servers

Hi all -

I have a VMware ESXi environment that hosts an OwnCloud 9.1.0 instance. Right now I have a number of users using it. I have encryption turned on in the OwnCloud 9.1.0 environment. This setup is running on Ubuntu 14.04. I built a new VM on Ubuntu 16.04 and have NextCloud 11.0 running. Right now I am the only user on NextCloud. It’s all working great and I am looking to migrate from old to new. How can I go about doing this? I suspect the encryption makes this not as straightforward?

Thanks in advance!

In the past I have upgraded in this way by taking the older instance, and applying upgrades in turn (admittedly without encryption, but I would hope that shouldn’t be an issue). Can you take a copy of your VM and test it?

I have a tested migration script that updates OC 8 -> NC 9 -> NC 10 -> NC 11 (via docker instances) - in my case I had an OC 8 instance to upgrade from.

I haven’t gone live with my NC 11 yet, as I’m having issues connecting to calendar & contacts from OSX clients :frowning2: but the migration otherwise works perfectly.

In my case I am also renaming users (old LDAP infrastructure to new) and the whole upgrade works very well.