Migrate from owncloud 10.14

I’m trying to migrate from Owncloud 10.14 to Nextcloud.

According to the doc, when migrating from Owncloud above 10.13, I should opt for Nextcloud 25.0 (at least 25.0.2).

Owncloud 10.14 was running in a container based on a custom Docker image.

I’m using the Docker image for Nextcloud 25.0.13 (I assume there are no major database upgrades between 25.0.2 and 25.0.13).
The image is nextcloud:25-fpm.
The container connects to the database ok and the data directory is mounted in Nextcloud.

When I browse to my nextcloud instance url, I get a message stating which apps are going to be upgraded and which are not, but when I hit the Upgrade button, I get this error message:

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

I get the same message when I try to upgrade in command line with the command occ upgrade

The version in config/config.php is, since I’m using a config.php from a fresh install of Nextcloud (that is not trying to upgrade anything: new database and no data in data directory).

When I try occ maintenance:repair, I get complaints about database discrepancies:

  • missing column argument_hash in table oc_jobs (by far the most frequent)
  • missing column c.calendarid (the log message is trimmed in such a way that the table name doesn’t appear)
  • missing column password in table oc_share
  • missing table oc_oauth2_access_tokens
  • missing table oc_flow_operations

So here are my questions:

  • is there a major incompatibility issue between Owncloud 10.14 and Nextcloud 25.0.13 ?
  • is there a way to upgrade manually ? since I have a fresh database for Nextcloud 25.0.13, can I just add the missing columns and tables in my older database ? (the process is quite time consuming, so I don’t want to engage for nothing…)

Thanks for your advice

Since you’re using the Docker image you’ll need to modify the the instructions a bit - they assume a non-Docker installation, but the general principals are the same:

  • keep your data folder
  • keep your config.php
  • keep your database

It sounds like you dumped your old config, but you really want to keep that.

Migration from OC is more like a semi-manual upgrade.

Also these will probably be helpful:

My bad… I shouldn’t post my questions too late at night, after too many hours fighting with my problem :weary:
I’m not upgrading from Owncloud 10.14 but from 10.4

I’m gonna begin with upgrading Owncloud from 10.4 to 10.13 and then retry migrating to Nextcloud, following the links @jtr kindly provided.