Migrate from NCP Odroid to Docker

I’m currently running NextcloudPI on an Odrioid HC1 with a microsd card and a 4tb harddrive for data. I have the data drive formatted with BTRFS for snapshots etc. I also have an external 1tb harddrive to which I backup the data to as well.

Because Nextcloud is moving to 64bit only, I’ve decided to try to migrate from the Odroid to a AMD64 system running Debian 12.

I figured I could just install the Docker image for Nextcloud PI and restore the Odroid stuff to it. But as always it seems way over simplified.

I am a noob at Linux and Docker in general, but is there a way to transfer over my 4tb BTRFS data drive to the new server and use that with the Docker image? Because the Docker Wizard doesnt have any provisions for “USB Configurations” as the Odroid image had.


There is no longer Docker support for NextcloudPi, so adios. :wave:

You’ll need to move to something else, such as All-In-One image or any other Nextcloud Docker image.

To use Docker you’ll want to read documentation on how it works. See https://docs.docker.com/

Exactly, welcome to the wider world of Linux and Docker. You’ll need to learn some basics, but keep in mind you can always search the forum or read documentation or search the interwebs. You’ll want to learn what volumes are in Docker and how permissions work in linux.

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It isn’t. They changed their mind and 32-bit support lives on with #nc26

yes 32-bit support is available for #nc26 which is supported to the of 2023 but the move to 64-bit is unstoppable. for #nc27 only 64-bit is “fully” supported. Expect more issues in the future and only “best effort” support with 32-bit as ancient architectures are definitely not in focus.


Thank you so much for the great information. I think after some thought I’m going to have to give up on NextcloudPi, I’m thinking of moving to Nextcloud AIO instead.

That is not what my understanding at all. Nc27 will have full 32-bit support. Someday, but not now, that will change.

If you have actual proof of 27 any less than fully supporting 32-bit please link to it. Better for all of us to stay on the same page in terms of 32-bit status :slight_smile:
Any links much appreciated.

Please follow the link I provided. here one more time as quote:

CPU Architecture and OS

A 64-bit CPU, OS and PHP is required for Nextcloud to run well.

32-bit systems are supported, with the following known limitations:

  • Dates before Unix Epoch (1970-01-01) are not supported
  • Dates after 2038 are not supported

for me the statement is more than clear - they will not spend lot of effort for 32-bit support. If there is a quick fix likely yes but in case something works on 64-bit and there is no easy fix this will become another “known limitation” until the system is completely unusable on 32-bit…