Migrate from multiple owncloud instances

Hi all, I am quite to nextcloud. I am one of the community guys from NethServer where nextcloud is adopted in the new NS7 release. In the 6.x version owncloud is used. NethServer is based on CentOS.

My homeserver is running an old version of Zentyal (3.2) which is Ubuntu based. On this server I run an owncloud instance. Besides my homeserver I also have a VPS where I also run an owncloud instance.

In order to get rid of the mess, I intend to install NethServer7 on my homeserver. Since Nextcloud is a 1 click install on NethServer, I would like some pointers to get both owncloud databases of owncloud reduced to 1 nextcloud instance on NethServer.

So, what steps should I take to get current 2 owncloud instances in 1 nextcloud instance?

If you want to migrate to Nextcloud, you can only do this for OC 8.2, 9.0 or 9.1. If you have an older version, you must run upgrades first (without skipping major releases): 6.0.y -> latest 6.0.x -> latest 7.0.x -> latest 8.0.x -> latest 8.1.x -> latest 8.2.x and then the transition:
-> NC 9.0.x -> NC 10.0.x

So you have to find a way to upgrade your old OC-version and then migrate to the new server. I’m not sure how they managed all the installation and upgrade on your old server, manual upgrade should normally be possible (keep only data/ and config/ -folder, place code of new version and run occ-command for update).

You can’t just merge two setups easily into one. You could start a complete new session, link to your old servers via federated cloud sharing and move the files/folders into your new server.

Don’t forget to do backups. OC 6.0 is old and not supported for a long time. There are probably a number of bugs and security issues.