Migrate from half-alive server


I’m facing a quite odd issue.
My Nextcloud is installed on a ZimaBoard. The / partition went out of space, so Nextcloud doesn’t work anymore.
But the thing is: I can’t make space on my / partition. I’ve deleted logs, unnecessery files, etc., it stays at 100%. I think the SD card is dead. However I can SSH the server and download the files, but it is impossible to write.

So my plan is to install Netxtcloud on a new server, and copy the right files on it.
The data is stored on a working drive by the way so in the worst case I can’t lost any sensitve data, only configuration.

But how can I recover the config? I’ve already copied:

  • /var/www/html/nextcloud
  • /var/lib/mysql
  • /etc/mysql
    and backed up my SSH history to reproduce the installation as close as possible.

I can’t perform a dump of the database as Mariadb is down.

I’d like to keep my users, configurations and applications.

Do you think is it possible? Which files should I copy?


follow the official docs


it should work when you dump the database and files to an external destination…

I’ve already migrated a server through mirroring, i.e. basically put all the files on the new server in the same way and then got Nextcloud to run there in the same way, even without a dump of the database.

Simply try it. You can not break nothing, as long as you have your old board. :wink:

I can not give more in deep advice, since I do not know your system in detail but you will have to setup those directories exactly as on your running machine.
You should look at your php and webserver used, to migrate those settings as well.

Much luck,

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Thanks, so I’ll try that way as soon as I get my new server.
I’ll let you know.


After a few struggles with permissions, I’ve successfully migrated my Nextcloud to a new server.
I had to use rsync to preserve permissions.


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