Migrate AIO to new server

I am currently running Nextcloud AIO in a Hyper-V-Linux-VM on Windows. And I would like to migrate it to a Raspberry Pi 4.
Setting Nextcloud AIO up on the Raspberry Pi 4 is easy. But how can I transfer the data?

Thank you very much!

Sorry i do not know if it is something special with Nextcloud AIO.
But for migration you can read this.

Make sure that the Nextcloud versions are completely identical from the version number.

Hi, AIO features a built-in backup solution based on BorgBackup. If you use that, you can transfer the backup archive from your VM onto your Raspberry Pi and import it there in the first step when setting up a new AIO instance.

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Using the BorgBackup sounds good. What is the correct way to transfer the backups to the new machine?

I tried to copy the whole Borg-directory yesterday (rsync) and restore it from there. The restore seemed to run just fine. But after half an hour, i got the message that the restore failed and that I should check the log. In the log, I found an error-message that rsync could not restore all file-properties correctly.

Was it wrong to copy the whole borg-directory? Is there another way?

No, that should work. Not sure why it failed for you now and how bad the issue is. Can you post the logs here?

For additiinal safety you could check the backup integrity before restoring.

Thank you!

A few hours after my last try, the sd-card died unfortunately. And I forgot to save the log.

I’ll try it again as soon as I have a new sd-card.

Okay, so maybe we found the issue. AIO is not suited for running on an SD-card. Please use either a SSD or HDD.

That’s pretty surprising for me. I did not read anything about that in the docs (but did not really search for it either).

Do you happen to know the reason? Oder a page that explains that?

I guess we have simply not added that to the docs yet. Reason for SD-cards being unsupported is that SD-cards cripple the performance and will probably get wrecked pretty soon as they are not meant for many write operations which is needed for the database.

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PR here: add section about storage options by szaimen · Pull Request #1825 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

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