Microsoft 365 calendar invite processing

When receiving calendar invites from individuals who are using the Microsoft 365 platform, nextcloud mail does not offer the option to process the invitation. When accessing the exact same email from the snappymail nextcloud app, I am able to accept the invite and choose which nextcloud calendar to add it to.

Is this a bug? Since the source of the invite is the same (Microsoft 365), it shouldn’t be anything on their end, correct?

Given the preponderance of businesses and individuals on Microsoft 365, it seems like having nextcloud mail be able to correctly process those invites would be helpful.

I am not a coder, so just reporting a potential bug or needed feature. Apologies if I am missing something obvious. I would contribute to a bug bounty to get this fixed.

Not sure how microsoft does it, but for the *.ics attachments, there is already a feature request: