Merge local users to ldap account

Hi everyone,

first of all: Sorry for my horrible english, but I hope, I can explane in the right way, what my problem is.


We plan to use openLDAP in the future for user authentication. At the moment, we have local user accounts in Nextcloud. Is there a way, to merge or transfer all the data from the local nc-user to the user, stored in the LDAP backend?

For example:
We have local user John Doe with userid john and we have the identically user (userid: john, with no data in nextcloud) stored in ldap.
When I activate the LDAP-backend for authentication, i have 2 users called john.

How can I merge all the data from both (local and ldap user).

There isn’t really a easy way. If you have a support contract, you can ask the support team if they can help you with this, see to reach them.

Did anything come up? I would be interested too.

Anyone any ideas on how to do this manually to merge ldap and local account?