Mentorship request for Nextcloud's frontend and backend contributor

Hi there, I’m a software engineer and am interested to have a point of contact that I can ask questions related to open source contribution towards Nextcloud’s Vue and PHP parts. I am new to open source, so most of the questions will likely be about how to setup for contribution and how things work with tickets, branching, pull requests, etc.

I would like to start contributing as soon as possible, preferably from the frontend side first. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

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Hello @JeaNugroho and welcome to the community!

First: Your offer to contribute and help is much appreciated. So keep going forward.

Now, to help you with your request, I am not sure who might be best suited. It also depends a bit on what you want to do and what experience level you are at.

If you have specific questions on the process of contribution, just post them. We (the community and the Nextcloud company employees) will try to help if possible and reasonable.

Maybe you simply put some of your questions and we see where we are going from there?



A nice starting point might be the Text repository. People there are very much open for helping and they have some good first issues with different difficulty levels.

You probably need to start with getting a development environment running. For that you can follow our tutorial (scroll down to “Nextcloud app development tutorials”, then the first one, setting up your development environment). is a good starting point based on template repositories that include the instructions for every tutorial.

Maybe for learning GitHub, a good first step before contributing actual code to Text is to review some pull requests. We have a tutorial on setting up an environment for easy testing of pull requests on the same page as the other tutorials. You could then help with reviewing some front-end pull requests in the server repository to get used to the GitHub stuff.

I’d be very much interested in following your learning curve, because I’m among many things responsible for the developer programme at Nextcloud and also for the tutorials we provide. So please keep us updated, for example when you tried something that we linked here (was it helpful?) or when you tried the linked tips, what you’re missing to proceed.

Maybe we can point you in the right direction or create the tutorials. This way we could make it easier for future newcomers also!